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It was 80 degrees in the valley and that always blows so Taylor Rain went to the Malibu to catch some rays. It was a cool 74 out! She love the beach ! One day she will live out there on the water. She think that’s where she belong.
So she packed up a bag of lunch goodies, sunscreen, and a couple towels and off she go to the nude beach with her fiancé and her road dog Bandito.
It was a fuckin epic ride down to the water. Top down, chrome spinnin, and it was so fuckin nice out!
They get down to Manidor and her dog Bandit needs a stick right away otherwise he starts looking like a pitbull cuz his mouth is all open wide and when Taylor have him leashed he just chokes himself so that makes him look like a pitbull even more.
They find him a stick half way down the beach. He’s hyped! Rain love being able to please her dog cuz he loves the beach. She don’t think there’s any other dog that loves the beach more than him! He is the reason why she want to live by the ocean! He would love it! Everyday at the beach he would be hyped!
Enough about the dog. So Keith played with him while she ate her lunch and got undressed. She think Keith loves the nude beach more than her. She just hate tan lines they bug her out! She know the locals that are always there but they weren’t there today. Bummer! They are hella funny! They talk so freely with their package hangin loose. Taylor don’t mind it but she think Keith does. She think being nude is a great thing!
She is going to the beach today. Gonna go hit some waves. Going with a friend that has all that good stuff. Boards , wetsuits, and fins!